Musikgarten Musikgarten

1139 North MacArthur Blvd.,  Springfield, IL

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What Parents Say....

Check out a Parent's Perspective on Musikgarten!

"Every parent wants the best for the child, but every parent who has a child with special needs wants that and more. And despite the recommendations of doctors and people around you who lovingly make suggestions, you still question if the things you are doing for your child are the right things to do.

Advice we’ve never questioned or looked back on: put your kids in music class. We started our kids in bouncing babies at The Music Factory as soon as they could start. Actually, Theresa started before she was 6 months old because Deirdre noticed her moving to the beat of the music in the waiting area.  Now Theresa has graduated to Music Makers and cannot wait to take keyboarding so she can learn more than her self-taught “Twinkle Twinkle.” She loves music and can learn anything almost instantly when it’s put to music."


"My kids "graduated" from The Music Factory 5 years ago, and I might add that they are straight “A” students!  I contribute the ease of them obtaining good grades from the years at the Music Factory keeping those neuro-pathways open.    I admit I recall many of the articles you sent home for us parents to read and wonder if our kids could honestly be one of the statistics!  Their ability to stay focused with several distractions in the room is amazing. Although neither have taken on a musical instrument they have great rhythm and can carry a tune, something their parents cannot do!    Thank you Lianne for all you did to contribute to their success in school thus far!  I haven’t forgotten the years.  They were enjoyable."
~ Cindy

"We really enjoy our class time at the Music Factory.  We've seen such changes in him at home with his music time.  His sense of rhythm is developing, he sings to himself quite often and we now have a few echoing games that he likes to play.  I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful opportunity you've provided for our son to learn and appreciate music.  We hope to finish the program and have ourselves a little piano player!"
"Class size was perfect! My child is learning social discipline and group involvement."

"Music has been so good for our son;  we've seen many positive changes in him.  He sings to his baby sister ~ sometimes songs he has learned, or sometimes ones he makes up.  We have been very pleased with our experience at The Music Factory.  What a treasure it is!! "
~ Tricia and Ryan
"The program, teachers, and facility are all exceptional!"
"I liked that the program allowed for 3 year olds to be 3 year olds and just go with the flow."
"I love having the music at home to learn with the kids and then do the activities with them that they learned in class."
"Playing the CD in the car was very popular with all of our kids. This program is wonderful and we recommend it to all of our friends!"

 "Just wanted to let you know that we have truly enjoyed our first few music classes.  Our son, Cooper, absolutely LOVES going to music class each week (and we do too).  We are so grateful to be in Jessica's class.  She is such a patient, gentle, kind-hearted teacher.  We are looking forward to the rest of our classes this semester.  Keep up the great work and thank you so much for sharing your love of music with our little guy.  He loves it so much."
 ~ Jenny